At Glebe Dental, we offer tooth-coloured fillings to restore your smile to its natural appearance. Tooth coloured materials are more biocompatible than metal amalgam fillings and require less preparation and tooth structure to be removed.


Tooth coloured fillings : For a natural looking smile

At Glebe Dental, we provide tooth-coloured fillings so your smile can have a completely natural looking appearance.

Tooth coloured fillings have become the preferred choice by our patients for treating new cavities or replacing existing metal fillings.

The fillings can be made from porcelain or a special resin composite. They are colour matched to your tooth enamel, making them indistinguishable from surrounding natural teeth so you can speak and laugh without having to worry about grey fillings.

Composite resin

Composite material resembles a tooth coloured paste, which is colour matched to your tooth enamel and placed on the tooth in layers. It is hardened by a special UV light and then carefully sculpted to the shape of the tooth.

A composite restoration is ideal for correcting small blemishes and can be completed in a single appointment.


Requiring two appointments, a porcelain filling is similar to a dental crown. Made from a detailed impression mould, your ceramic filling is crafted in our onsite dental laboratory.

Once it is assessed for fit and comfort you new filling is held securely in place with a specially formulated bonding agent, restoring your tooth’s strength and natural appearance.

Porcelain and composite fillings are much more conservative, meaning less natural tooth structure needs to be removed.

They are extremely strong and unlike amalgam metal fillings do not contract and expand with heat and cold. This minimises the possibility of tooth sensitivity, leakage and fracture of the restoration.