Laser Dentistry


A quiet alternative to the drill

Lasers have been used in dentistry for many years for a variety of applications – the most common being teeth whitening and in the treatment of tooth decay, gum disease and some surgical procedures.

Through the delivery of a concentrated beam of light, dental lasers are very precise. And unlike the traditional drill, a dental laser is very quiet.

Dental lasers also offer a more comfortable appointment as they do not come into contact with your teeth, there’s no vibration sensation. They also enable your Glebe Dental dentist to complete a treatment procedure faster, reducing appointment times.

Laser dentistry can minimise the need for an anaesthetic injection, however depending on the treatment procedure required, they may not eliminate it completely. A dental laser also aids in faster healing time.

Dental lasers are a good alternative for patients apprehensive about anaesthetic injections and the sound and vibration of the drill.

We invite you to discuss the use of dental lasers at your next appointment.