Inlays / Onlays


A conservative approach to restoring your smile

Dental inlays / onlays are a more conservative restorative solution than a crown as only a minimal amount of tooth structure needs to be removed.

An inlay is a smaller restoration and is placed ‘in’ the prepared area of a back molar tooth. An onlay is a larger restoration and is placed ‘on’ the surface area of a prepared tooth.

These restorations are strong and durable and typically made from porcelain or composite resin. Inlays and onlays are created in our onsite dental laboratory and are matched to your tooth colour for an aesthetically pleasing smile.

At Glebe Dental we can create an inlay or onlay using CEREC. This advanced technology enables your inlay or onlay to be created and placed in a single appointment.

One of our dental team will apply a thin layer of reflective powder onto your tooth and use a special 3D imaging camera to take a photo. Using CEREC software and diamond tipped milling burs; your highly detailed restoration is created from a solid cube of ceramic.

When complete, the ceramic restoration is secured to your tooth using a specially formulated dental bonding agent.