Bridging the gap for a perfect smile

A dental bridge consists of several false teeth joined and secured together by crowns, placed on healthy natural teeth on either side of the space.

A bridge is custom-made in a dental laboratory from detailed impression moulds. Often a temporary bridge will be placed while your permanent bridge is being crafted.

At your second appointment, your temporary bridge – if one was placed – will be removed and the permanent one assessed for fit, comfort and that your teeth bite together correctly before it is secured in place with a formulated bonding agent.

It is essential to care for your bridge as much as your natural teeth. Although they are made from porcelain, the health of your supporting and surrounding teeth and gums will affect the longevity of your restoration.

With the correct care, good oral hygiene routine and attending check-up appointments every six months with the Glebe Dental team, your new bridge can last 10-15 years.