Our Technology


Providing you with exact diagnosis

Some of the most advanced diagnostic technology in health care has been developed specifically for the dental profession. At Glebe Dental we have carefully chosen the technology housed within our practice based solely on its benefits for our patients.


Cone beam scan (CT): Seeing things clearly in 3D

Cone Beam 3D Computed Tomography is a type of radiograph that provides our dental team with a very high resolution 3D view of the area to be examined. It is used to identify features when undergoing complex dental treatment, such as placement of dental implants in the upper jawbone close to sinuses. Cone beam technology also emits a very minimal amount of radiation.


OPG : A perfect view

This highly sophisticated machine is specifically designed to produce X-rays of the teeth, jaws and Temporomandibular joints (TMJ), the joints between the jaw and the skull.

The image provides an overview of teeth and tooth roots as well as the bones of the upper and lower jaw, the sinuses in the upper jaw. The OPG machine can also perform a standard lateral view of the skull.

For an OPG you stand in the machine and place your chin on a rest. You gently bite down on a small disposable plastic guide and the machine rotates around you. The whole process only takes a few minutes.


Intra oral camera : Giving you a clearer picture

This fantastic piece of technology displays images onto a TV monitor. This provides a much clearer picture and enables a more accurate diagnosis of your dental health. The intra-oral camera helps our dental team to point out areas of concern and explain your treatment needs in much more detail.


VELscope : Seeing the early signs of oral cancer

Tobacco usage excess alcohol consumption, sun exposure to unprotected lips, poor oral hygiene and age are the most common risk factors for oral cancer.

Currently in Australia, oral cancer has a higher mortality rate than cervical cancer as it is often the forgotten disease that’s only detected in the late stages. When detected early, there is a 70 per cent survival rate.

Today an increasing number of young adults are being affected by oral cancer and do not fit the traditional profile. At Glebe Dental our team is dedicated to providing leading-edge technology to all our patients through the use of the VELscope screening system.

VELscope (Visually Enhanced Laser Scope) is recommended as part of your six monthly general check-up and oral hygiene appointment.

In addition to your oral screening examination, which includes closely looking and for suspicious bumps and abnormalities, we also use the VELscope , which produces a distinctive blue-spectrum light. This causes the soft tissues in your mouth to naturally fluoresce, helping us see potentially dangerous growths.

The VELscope examination is safe, pain free and takes only a couple of minutes. It also eliminates the need for messy staining dyes.

The VELscope is just another way the team here at Glebe Dental are helping you achieve a healthy mouth for life.